Week 2 - Jeff Clavier

Taking a look at a problem Jeff Clavier has been facing and how he would separate from the pack at a young age.

Welcome and happy holidays.

The other week, I published an episode of The Art of VC with Jeff Clavier (founder and managing partner at Uncork Capital) - I’ll link that episode here for anyone who missed it.

During our conversation, Jeff brought up a problem he constantly faces as a smaller fund as well as how he would separate from the pack today if he was early in his career. The problem Jeff touches on is super valuable insight since as I’ve brought up on this show, VC is fragmenting. If Jeff (one of the OG micro VCs) has been having this problem, there will probably be a big market for the solution in the next couple years.

Here’s a quick recap of the main points in the audio clip:

  • Micro VCs spend a lot of time trying to narrow down deal flow which cuts into other goals

  • Trusting in serendipity: chasing perspective and having an appetite for risk

  • Tony Hsieh: what we can learn about building a core and becoming an icon

Here’s the link for that clip.

Enjoy & have a fantastic New Years!


P.S. - have a friend who would be great at tackling this problem? Share it with them below.