Shane Mac (Logos Labs) on becoming a GP after operating, what he hopes to accomplish with Logos, the future of remote work, the future of GP value add, and the new disconnect between GPs and LPs


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

I'm super excited to welcome Shane Mac to the show today who is investing in the future of remote work at Logos Labs. Shane is easily one of the most real people I've ever spoken to and has phenomenal insights when it comes to building meaningful relationships and leveraging strong networks.

Over the course of this one, Shane and I jump around to discuss topics like his goals for Logos Labs, the future of remote work, the future of GP value add platforms, and the new disconnect between emerging fund managers and LPs. Below I'll link some of the things we reference. If you haven't heard of Shane's 'ask.' dinner series and podcast, I highly recommend checking it out.

Logos Labs


And 3 of my absolute favorite pieces Shane has written:

Let's get real about company perks

The truth you don't hear about raising seed rounds

A bottle of Pellegrino and the one lesson I'll never forget that Seth Godin taught me - (this one is my absolute favorite... details matter)

That's all. Enjoy.


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