Michelle Killoran (OMERS Ventures) on her investment in Landed


Super excited to share this one - Michelle Killoran joins me to chat about her investment in Landed. Landed is an alternative financing option for buying a home. As you'll hear, many millennials want to buy a home but struggle with the high upfront costs associated with such a large purchase. Michelle was able to identify this gap in the market and find her way to discover what Landed was working on. Prior to her role as a principle at OMERS, Michelle worked at Deloitte in their financial advisory group and received her BComm from Queen's University. Going forward, she is actively engaged in finding solutions to the lack of tech within construction.

I'll throw a couple links below to Medium posts Michelle wrote - one touching on her interest in construction and the other focused on where founders are going after the pandemic has driven many out of cities like New York and San Francisco.

Is the construction sector really ready for disruption?

Many are fleeing cities like San Francisco and New York. Where are all the founders going?

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