Laura Thompson (Sapphire Ventures) on the changing LP landscape, LP value add platforms, qualities in great emerging GPs, and discoverability between new GPs and LPs


First off... happy holidays to everyone!

I'm super excited to welcome Laura Thompson to the stage this week. Laura is a limited partner in the venture ecosystem at Sapphire Ventures. I'm extremely interested in the value add platform Sapphire has built into their investments as LPs as I truly believe this will be the way LPs trend in the VC asset class.

In addition to investing in funds, Laura is a contributor to OpenLP which is aiming to help foster a greater understanding in the entrepreneur-to-LP tech ecosystem. I'll link to a few of her pieces below:

What Makes a Good Annual Meeting? An LP's Point of View

Virtual Annual Meetings are Here to Stay: Best Practices for Re-Imagining the AGM for our Remote World

Diversity in VC: Learnings from an LP Audit and how we can make this better together

Another note: for those who are interested in digging deeper on the LP value add front, I'll add some more information below:

A while back, David Teten came up with the TOPSCAN model which basically goes through the 7 levers of value creation VCs can provide their portfolio companies. Philipp von dem Knesebeck of Blue Future Partners wrote a recreation of this model in 2016 from the perspective of LP value add platforms. I'll link that piece here.

A lot of the emerging GPs are most likely not going to struggle as much with deal flow given most of them are prior founders and have great founder networks. However, some of the levers to keep an eye on from an LP standpoint include operations, perspective, analysis, and network.

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