Jonathan Goodwin (Gunderson Dettmer) on the fundraising process, the life cycle of SPVs and syndications, how emerging GPs should look at building a portfolio of LPs, and the future of SV


For the last couple months, I've been extremely interested in syndications and SPVs - I find it so awesome that the VC asset class has become much more accessible for people to build a track record with these new forms of deployment vehicles. While I was interested in the impact that these SPVs and rolling funds were having on the venture ecosystem, I still found myself scratching my head as to how they actually worked. I reached out to Jonathan after digging in deeper and am super fortunate to welcome him on the show today.

Jonathan Goodwin isn't a hard name to find if you're doing research in the fund formation space. He has recently closed funds for notable venture capital firms such as Jerusalem Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins and Sequoia Capital. In this one we'll chat about the structure and lifecycle of an SPV, the GP fundraising process, how emerging GPs should think about LPs on their cap tables, and the future of SV.

For more information on what Jonathan is doing, head to the bottom of his bio to check out where he's been featured. He also has his email listed there.

If you want a more in depth resource that explains the anatomy of an SPV - I'll link to a piece by Assure here.

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