Jeff Morris (Chapter One Ventures) on his investment in Roam Research, how his education added to his perspective in the tech community, and what makes a compelling product


When I first started this podcast (or rather rebranded to narrow in on venture) Jeff was one of the first people I was interested in having on. As someone still in college, I've been hyper focused on how to optimize my education to gain a diverse perspective as opposed to just being there for the degree. While Jeff didn't initially plan on being in tech, his education in film and English add to the way he looks at investment opportunities at Chapter One Ventures.

In the first half of this episode we chat about Jeff's background and investment thesis - a significant portion of which we focus on how his film background adds to his role as an investor and PD/PM (s/o to Steve Gowa for this being top of mind and the Steve Jobs example). The second half leads us into discussion about his investment in Roam Research. Here were my 3 biggest takeaways:

1. Look for emotional hooks in a pitch/landing page similar to a movie poster

2. Standing out goes a long way

3. Talk to everyone you can when looking at a product - investors that passed/got in, current users, early adopters

Here are my 3 favorite Medium posts from Jeff:

Investing in Roam Research

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