Jeff Clavier (Uncork Capital) on his investment in SendGrid, how he built the OG MicroVC, parallels between the MicroVC movement and the emergence of operator/rolling funds, and touching on Postmates


Alright… this week’s episode is with Jeff Clavier, founder at Uncork Capital. I think the timing on this one is perfect given the parallels between Jeff’s career as an original micro fund and the trend with operator/rolling funds. We’ll draw out some of these parallels, chat about Jeff’s background, and then move into discussion around his investment in SendGrid.

For a bit more context on Jeff… he’s a pioneer in the world of MicroVC with others like Josh Kopelman and Mike Maples. Some of his notable investments (though this is just scraping the surface) include Postmates (cheers to that recent acquisition), SendGrid (discussed in this episode), Bleacher Report, Mint, Fitbit, and Eventbrite.

This was by far one of the hardest episodes to prepare for because there were so many questions I wanted to ask Jeff that we didn’t get to.

I’ll share some more info on Jeff as well as Uncork below:

- Uncork’s thoughts

- About Jeff

- Foundry Group’s piece on the SendGrid investment

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