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Andrew Lee (Initialized partner) on Routefusion and book recs

Hey there, happy end of the week(ish). Few things for today, here’s the TLDR:

1. Here’s what went up on Tuesday:

Earlier this week, I released an episode of with Andrew Lee (partner at Initialized). The real meat to the episode revolves around the inefficiencies that exist in the world of cross border payments and Andrew’s investment in Routefusion. As Andrew points out, “it quite literally might be easier (pre-Routefusion) to get on a plane, transact in person, and fly back”. (You can find that episode here)

This is a true file cabinet industry. Old, slow moving, and ripe for innovation.

If you don’t want to listen to the full episode but are curious re: Routefusion, you can pretty much get most of the context and analysis in this 12 min recap.

2. Books (and blogs)!

Andrew also recommended a bunch of books on entrepreneurship, life, and money which I will add below. A couple of these are quite popular and circulate around VC/Startup folks, but fantastic recommendations nonetheless.

This is not in the episode so special access to those subscribed here.




3. A quick update and question for you:

I’ve recently noticed that I haven’t been taking full advantage of this page, and I want to start doing it! Personally, I enjoyed writing this and including some other stuff like the books as opposed to just using it as a notification tool for the podcast (though I will continue to include episodes here).

Anyway, with that said, a question for you: what do you think of this post? What do you think of the podcast? Why did you sign up for these updates? As always, I’m game to chat about all of this and whatever else (I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a few of you and I appreciate it!).

Lastly, an update: the update is that there will quite literally be an update coming next week. A full detailed look at how I’ve been running the show, what the listener growth is looking like, what’s working/not working, and what the next set of goals are. Both an audio form of this will be posted on the show’s RSS and a written form with some numbers through Notion.

Until then & thanks for reading,