Aaron Michel (1984.vc) on the investment in Fairmarkit, the destructive nature of monopolies, views on board seats and investment vehicles at pre seed/seed


Welcome back! Aaron has a super interesting background so we spend a while talking about his investment strategy and thoughts on investment dynamics at the pre seed/seed levels. He's a former operator (PathSource) so has a deep understanding of the mindset of founders and all of the qualitative KPIs that help investors make great decisions. Aaron is now a partner at 1984 Ventures based in San Francisco. Here are 3 things we spoke about that I found super interesting:

1. Why Aaron doesn't take board seats and his thoughts on investment vehicles in early stage rounds

2. Being a "therapeutic" VC and getting the 2am calls from founders

3. Qualitative KPIs that help Aaron identify when a team is able to quickly pivot/show strong potential for enterprise sales

Aaron also shares a bit on how he sourced Fairmarkit and how he identified strengths within the founding team.

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That's all. Peace.

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